It has been a long time since I last posted here, the longest break I’ve had since starting my blog all those years ago.

This wasn’t a planned break – there have been some things going on in my life on many different levels which have brought about some personal development and, being a rather private person, I’ve been focusing on my own growth and the discoveries I’ve made about myself . There have been a few times that I’ve set myself up to write a post only to find that I just didn’t feel anything I wrote was coming out as intended so I’ve put it off.

Although I am still in many ways feeling like I am in a transition it seems to be taking a new turn with lots of opportunities opening up, others things winding down and me just going along for the ride. I tend to trust the universe and when I got a message saying I had a comment to moderate I logged on to my website to do so and find myself writing again…

So this post is just hello, checking in, letting you know I’m still here, teaching, learning, exploring and sharing. I haven’t forgotten about you all – I just needed some to to follow my own advice and connect to myself in a nurturing way.

I hope to post more regularly now – perhaps monthly to begin with but you never know what might evolve. Feel free to comment on anything you’d like me to post on – whatever it may be.

Love and light,



Mums & Bubs Yoga and Baby Massage

My yoga journey began as a mum, although I’d been a bit curious about yoga for quite some time there was never the motivation to seek it out. It was on my “I’ll get there one day” list. Then while taking my son to his toddler gym class I saw fliers for new yoga classes starting at the rec centre, they were on in the morning on Thursdays, which were my husbands day off at the time, so I could actually go. That might sound dramatic but the life of many a mother of young children is very much tied into her children’s routines, activities and needs. Thinking about it even though now my kids are much older my life still pretty much runs around their commitments. It is nowhere near as intense now as it was then though. When I read that flier for yoga I was exhausted, stressed, run down and unable to go anywhere without taking my baby girl with me. She didn’t sleep much, which was familiar as neither did her older brother, but she was very much Mummy’s girl, she’d never settle for anyone else, she screamed at a pitch that pierced your very heart. My maternal instinct was to give her what she needed – the reassurance that I was there and loved her. I felt she really needed this as she’d had a rough start to life, been born 8 weeks early and was in the special care nursery for nearly a month before we were able to take her home. I think she was just making up for lost time, not wanting to be separated from me again.

So, long story short, I was barely functioning, getting by just making it through the day and trying my hardest to provide what my family needed. The problem was I didn’t have the time, energy or opportunity to look after myself which is not sustainable for anybody. Those Thursday morning yoga classes offered me both the opportunity to have a break from the demands of mothering and the gift of yoga, which I sometimes think could have been designed to meet the needs of mothers with babies or young children.

So all these years later, after a long and winding road exploring, studying and eventually teaching yoga, I find myself offering other mothers the same gift of yoga in my mums & bubs classes. These classes are places you can bring your babies to, classes that offer practices tailored to fit into the busy routines of a mother. We work gently yet effectively to tone, stretch and connect with our bodies. We work with the breath to share ways to restore energy, overcome fatigue and bring a sense of calm into the often tumultuous days of parenting.

They are amongst my favourite classes to teach as I remember all too clearly how helpful yoga was in my early parenting days. Plus I sometimes get to have a cuddle with the beautiful babies!

I teach alternating 5 week  Mums & Bubs Yoga Courses and Baby Massage Courses on Thursdays, 10:30-11:30am at Harvest Yoga in Kensington, where I also offer private Baby Massage tuition to parents. 5 week blocks cost only $110, for bookings please email info@harvestyoga.com.au

The next courses are as follows:

Mums & Bubs Yoga  02/03/17 – 30/03/17

Baby Massage 06/04/17 – 04/05/17

I’ll finish with the news that my daughter did eventually let me out of her sight and is now an amazing, confident, independent, responsible 15 year old who continues to amaze me with her insightful and caring personality. She does still sometimes cling to me when we have a cuddle and not let me go though, and she’s much stronger now!

Love and light,






We are creatures of habit, most of us anyway. We have ways that we tend to like things and a pretty clearly defined comfort zone which holds all of our habits in place.

This can be a great thing in regards to healthy habits like a regular yoga class or meditation practice, or a not so great thing when it comes to unhelpful habits. The tricky thing is to try to put in the habits we want in our lives and changes those that don’t really do us any favours.

One of my teachers, Leigh Blashki, once described habits to me in the following way – think of a nice new dirt road, nice clean surface, freshly graded. When the first vehicle drives down that road it leaves a set of tracks. If another vehicle follows in the same tracks they become more clearly defined, the next car to travel on the road is likely to follow in those easily defined areas and so on. Eventually ruts will form which steer the cars automatically into that path, it gets harder to drive on any other part of the road. In this way when we repeat a behaviour two or three times we are inviting it to become a habit. So the first step towards creating healthy habits is to practice them, once or twice a week. If we do this and commit to making the effort for a month or so it is likely to develop into a habit and become a permanent part of our life.

As for breaking out to those less desirable habits the first thing to do is be prepared for a bit of a bumpy ride and have realistic expectations. Knowing how easy it is for those vehicles to slip back into the well worn path and how much more effort and navigation is required to get out of them again can be very helpful. Don’t be too hard on yourself if there is the occasional setback and don’t try to break a habit during a time in your life which you know is already challenging for any reason.

I have found for myself that being able to replace a habit I want to break with a new one that I’d like to embrace is a good method. That way whenever I am tempted to go back into those unhelpful behaviours I make a bit of a bargain with myself, I will do that after I have done this, the new habit I’m bringing in. This reinforces the more positive behaviour and usually by the time I’m finished I don’t really want the other behaviour anyway!

Love and light,




Yoga for Pregnancy

Today’s post is for my pregnant students… some helpful hints for your yoga practice during pregnancy.

One of the best things yoga offers pregnant women is the opportunity to really tune in to their body and their baby, to move in ways that support the growing baby and changing body. To notice how you are feeling, what your energy levels are like, working at a pace and depth in your practice that honours each stage.

There are so many beneficial practices that it is hard to choose which ones to include in a post so instead I am listing some general guidelines which can be applied to all yoga practices.

  1. Never forget to breathe, during pregnancy you need to breathe both for you and your baby, so just keep that breath flowing and work in your physical practice at a level that feels comfortable and allows you to breathe easily and freely. Some pranayama practices such as belly breathing and ujjayi can be really useful however don’t underestimate the power of simple breath awareness, tuning in and remaining conscious or the coming and going of your breath can be relaxing, energising and very calming.
  2. To be gentle or not to be gentle… many people treat pregnant women like they are fragile or unwell. In fact pregnancy is a normal life process so as long as you stick to a few general rules there is no reason why you can’t work strongly, in fact building up strength and endurance during pregnancy helps women to get through labour with less interventions. Those general rules are to keep open space in front for growing babies, legs a little wider during forward bends, no closed twists or strong backbends and if anything doesn’t feel right or creates discomfort then come out of it and let it go. Also to work at a pace and a place that feels comfortable for you on the day, a rule for all of my yoga classes – not just pregnancy yoga!
  3. Pelvic floor work is very important to support the increasing weight of your baby and placenta and to aid in recovery post birth. Your pelvic floor supports all of the abdominal organs and regulates the flow when you go to the toilet – those are the muscles you use to hold on and release urine. Keeping it gently active during standing poses and working with it in a variety of ways to build up both strength and stamina means that you are less likely to have issues after baby arrives.
  4. Attend pregnancy yoga classes. While I do allow pregnant students into my regular classes as I am a qualified prenatal teacher I really enjoy teaching specific pregnancy yoga classes where each practice is selected for the benefits it offers to pregnant women. We work on practices that strengthen and relax, work with the pelvic floor, ease some of the discomforts that can occur during pregnancy, prepare for labour and babies arrival and share each others experiences. Being a part of that journey is a privilege for me and the community that is created amongst the students has built some enduring friendships over the years.
  5. Have fun, enjoy the miracle that is occurring within you. Take time, either in a prenatal yoga class or at home to stop and tune in to your baby, whether they are still very tiny and not yet showing or running out of room and wriggling around. Talk to them, sing to them, tell them everything you are feeling and thinking and hoping. Keep a journal and write down what you experience, you will look back on it in years to come with a smile as you try to remember what life was like before your baby was born.

I wish you all the best for pregnancy, birth and beyond. My prenatal classes run at Harvest Yoga in Kensington on Wednesday evenings, 6-7:15pm. To book or enquire go to www.harvestyoga.com.au.

Love and light,





Guilt free confessions

I have been meaning to write a new post for weeks, even months!, but have somehow not managed to do so. I have even got as far as sitting down and logging on once or only to be interrupted by one thing or another and not managed to get back to it.

If anyone has been really missing my posts, please accept my apologies however also take some inspiration from the fact that we all get caught up like this. Whether it is your weekly yoga class, time set aside for a task or pleasure, one of those lingering jobs which you know need to be done but they are not quite high enough priority to get to the top of your list.

Setting aside a time each week to get to these things can make all the difference but, as we discussed on the retreat I led over the past weekend, there is some freedom to be gained from not tying yourself down to a schedule – being more open to living in the moment and dealing with whatever is arising then and there. Of course we all need to be in certain places at certain times and there are things that need to be done daily, weekly, monthly. Having some kind of system in place that works for you and allows all of that to happen is a necessity – for me it is a two calendar system – one old fashioned one that hangs on the wall and contains all of the families appointments and activities. Then there is my phone calendar which I enter all of the same info onto but which travels with me everywhere I go so I can refer to it. Beyond that my time tends to be spent doing what needs to be done as it comes up, there are days and times that are more productive and days and times that are set aside for rest and yoga practice but there is a lot of flexibility to shuffle these things around. Obviously my blog posts have dropped out of the system in the new year but not that I am here tapping away at my keyboard they are coming back!

It is hard not to feel guilty when this does happen but after much practice I have mastered the art of accepting that I do what I can and I can’t do more than that. Guilt free, though I do need to remind myself sometimes!

We had a wonderful time at Clearview Retreat, a beautiful group of students, beautiful bushland surroundings and a great topic rather relevant to this post – Slowing Down – Tuning In. It is always a pleasure to be there and share the joys of yoga in such lovely surroundings. I have another retreat coming up in May titled Mother Nature – Mother Nurture, details can be found at www.clearviewretreat.org.au.

Can’t resist sharing a couple of photos including the cutest little echidna I came across and spent some time with during one of my walks…



Love and light,




I’m here for the presence…

Christmas is only a week away as I write this, a time which for some people is joy filled and for others can be quite difficult for a range of reasons. I find myself somewhere in the middle. I love many aspects of Christmas. The excitement of my children as the big day draws nearer, the decorating of the tree and the house, the connecting with family and friends, the purchasing and wrapping up of the gifts which I have carefully selected for each person, watching their faces when they open a gift that brings them pleasure. I love it all.

What I enjoy less is the marketing and merchandising, the crowded shopping centres, the over the top excesses and extremes that we are exposed to in our society. The underlying feelings and obligations that accompany some exchanges of gifts. I have on occasion purchased or made a small gift for someone as a surprise only to have them then rush out to buy me something in return. My gifts are carefully selected to bring joy to the recipients, my gifts are given freely and openly to brighten someones day and bring a smile to their face. My gifts are always, absolutely, 100% obligation free. This applies not just at Christmas time but for birthdays, just because presents,  all occasions.

Through Yoga Tinted Glasses Christmas is always full of joy, the philosophy of the yamas can be applied so effectively to the whole celebration.

Ahimsa – loving kindness for yourself and others pretty much sums up the spirit of getting together and celebrating with loved ones. If Christmas is difficult being aware of your own needs and seeking support or whatever it is that helps you to get through it. If you are tired, giving yourself rest. If you are loving every minute of it indulge in that. The whole time being open and aware of those you are spending time with, treating them to all of the love and compassion you can muster – what gift could be more meaningful than that?

Satya – honesty at Christmas time is about giving your true self, often when families gather there are underlying grudges and resentments, things left unsaid and we can feel like we need to be the person they expect rather than our true selves. How wonderfully liberating to let that all go and present the real you, at the same time greeting and acknowledging the real them. We might not be the same and we might have different values but letting go of any expectations, both of yourself and of others is a wonderful practice at Christmas time or any time…

Asteya – non stealing is not just about material things but also about energy and time. Letting everyone have their moment in the light, in our family when we open presents we do so one at a time so every gift gets seen, appreciated by each person, both giver and receiver are acknowledged and appreciated.

Bramacharya – moderation is something we can definitely use more of over Christmas time. It can become quite overwhelming with all of the excess. So much food, so many gifts, so many lights. I know it is only one day a year but what I love about it isn’t the food – it’s the people I’m eating with, not the presents but the presence. Christmas is a wonderful opportunity to really appreciate each other. One of the ways we do this by exchanging gifts but it should always be more about the reason they are given than the gifts themselves.  Some of the most memorable gifts I have received have not been hugely expensive or big but well thought out and given with love. I personally try to either make gifts myself or purchase them from craft markets, small local businesses or ethical companies. I am on the lookout all of the time for things that make me think of a particular person, things that will bring them pleasure.

Aparigraha – non grasping so perfectly complements Christmas, being generous. If you have loads of money and want to buy expensive presents then go for it. If you don’t have so much money then all you need to do is share what you do have in abundance – your love, your time, your energy and your presence.

May your Christmas or other festivities be peaceful, joyful and spent with those you love.

Love and light,





Winding up and wind down

It’s that time of year, some things are finishing off like my beginners course which ended last week and my Braybrook classes which wind up this Thursday while other things get busy, busy, busy in the rush to prepare for Christmas or other festivities, go to all of the social gatherings and events and see all of the different people for Christmas and just get on with the day to day stuff.

I sometimes look at my calendar for the week ahead and feel a little alarmed when there are no empty days, not even empty afternoons or mornings. I feel the need to brace myself to get through all of the events. Not that I don’t enjoy all of the catching up and socialising, quite the opposite in fact – I love this time of year and the opportunities it presents to share time with family and friends.  It’s more that I also need some time to myself, time to slow down, reflect on events, time to be alone, particularly when life is busy.

It’s taken me a while to realise this, I used to feel bad about not wanting to go to every party, every dinner, every event. I’ve arrived at the realisation of why I sometimes dread these things after much soul searching and self observation. What I’ve learnt about myself is this:

  • I love spending time with those close to me
  • I don’t feel comfortable in large groups of people
  • I need time to myself in between time spent with others
  • If I don’t honour these things I end up feeling frail, exhausted and on edge
The good news is that now that I know all of the above I can manage my calendar and social gatherings to suit which makes this time of year much more enjoyable. I prefer small gatherings to large groups, so try to visit people individually or go out for a meal rather than going to big get togethers. When I do go to the occasional larger gatherings I make sure I am aware of how I’m going and move out for some space if things start getting overwhelming.
Other ways I avoid the rush is by getting all of the Christmas shopping done as early as possible. Shopping centres, particularly busy ones, count as large groups of people and leave me exhausted so I limit my visits to them, try to get there during quiet times and, where possible, do my shopping at markets and smaller local businesses.
I keep track of that calendar and if it starts looking too crowded I start saying no to events or seeing what can be left off or moved to a quieter time. With three kids it can fill up very quickly so this one is important.
Finally I keep my yoga tinted glasses nearby, taking every opportunity between the busyness for a few deep breaths, a brief meditation, a short practice or even some mindful awareness of where I am and what’s going on. Winding down after a crazy day with my legs up the wall and some three part breathing helps me to reenergise and arrive refreshed and renewed to the next event…
May your festive season be restful and include a good balance of winding up and winding down…
Love and light,

Making time…

It has been a while since my last post. I’ve been busy with some extra teaching, ongoing renovations and switching to a new computer. At the same time my daughter has dislocated her knee and my son has been switching schools so there has been lots of extra appointments and other end of year activities. I am also preparing to launch my new website in the new year, planning next years teaching dates and details and preparing for Christmas and all of the busyness that it brings.

It is easy to get caught up in the busyness at times like these and find myself with little or no time for yoga or meditation, however experience has taught me that these are the times when we need to prioritise the things that help keep us going. Taking a little time out and ensuring we have some time to put back ensures we have the energy and reserves required to keep going and get through whatever we are dealing with.

The trick is in making time, not an easy task. I have what I call my Yogic Time Machine which allows me to fit yoga into even the busiest of days. It works like this.

1. All you need to do to bring some yoga into your day is take a little time to become aware of your breath. You can do this while you are doing something else, just tune in, breathe easily, let it become a little deeper and more relaxed. You’ll be amazed at the difference this makes.
2. When you have lots of things to do don’t be tempted to multi task too much. Things might not get done as well and you might end up having to redo them so there is no real time saving there. Instead let yourself mindfully do one thing at a time, tasks then become a meditation in themselves, one pointed focus on one job at a time can be very calming.
3. The other advantage of taking on one thing at a time is that then you can fit in a five minute break in between tasks, it might be a quick cuppa, spending some time outside, sitting quietly but whatever it is you find calming don’t be tempted to let that to-do list invade this time, keep it separate.
Hope these tips help you find your own time machine, please feel free to share your own ways of fitting yoga in to busy times with me.
Love and light,

Couples Pregnancy Yoga Workshop

I love teaching prenatal and mums & bubs yoga classes, sharing a part of that wonderful journey with women as babies grow within, arrive earthside, and then continue to grow and thrive is a very special privilege. It is an amazing journey, not just for the women but for their partners and support people as well.

A few years ago I trialed inviting partners along to one of my prenatal classes and it was wonderful! The opportunity to meet them, practice some partner yoga and support tips for the big day when baby arrives, connect with the whole family unit was great and the feedback from those who attended was all positive. I always fully intended to do it again more formally but with one thing and another that hasn’t happened. Until now that is…

Harvest Yoga & Yoga to Grow

are delighted to present
Due to popular demand Harvest Yoga and Yoga to Grow are running a Couples Pregnancy Yoga Class
Sunday 8th November
with Belinda Blackburn
This will be a specialised class for prenatal students and their partners or support people.
Practices will include partner work, preparation for labour, massage and relaxation.
Open to couples at all stages of pregnancy
$50 per couple for regular Harvest Yoga Pre Natal Yoga students
$60 per couple for others & for students who have attended classes casually
spaces strictly limited
book early to avoid missing out
please note
This will be the first in a regular series of these events
Because there is going to be more demand than supply for this
  • your payment confirms your place
  • no refunds (unless we are able to find a replacement for you – often difficult at the last moment)
FUNDS TRANSFERS is our preference for payments
Please write your name onto transfer memo
AND let us know via RETURN email:
Ø  date of payment
Ø  amount paid
Ø  receipt number
Ø  what exactly you are booking
Your assistance in this is greatly appreciated.
Credit Union Australia
BSB 814 282
ACCOUNT NO 1016 9185 
So here I am, years after the initial seed was sown, excitedly planning for the first of what will become a regular event, Couples Yoga Classes at Harvest Yoga. I often have these marvelous plans and often feel a little discouraged when they don’t happen immediately. Life gets so busy and energy needs to be prioritised so these grand plans get put onto the back burner. As long as they are still there, bubbling away and popping up in my mind every now and then it is only a matter of time before the opportunity arises, as it has here and now for the Couples Classes, for them to surface and bloom.
Love and light,

16 years ago today…

16 years ago today I gave birth to my first born child. A son named Mitchell. 14 years ago yesterday I gave birth to my second child, a daughter named Kelsea. Interesting timing and resulting in a crazily busy August week each year since but that was the way it happened.

We celebrate birthdays as the day we were born but as a mother I often find myself reflecting on and celebrating the day for me as well as my child. Remembering the moments, the excitement, the challenges of each birth. Looking at the clock throughout their birthdays and thinking about what was happening at this time on that life changing day. What I was feeling, where I was, what I was doing, those memories are so poignant, the years have passed but the depth of the emotions remain and there are crystal clear memories of the first time I saw my children, or held them, or was separated from them. The anticipation, the anxiety, the pain, the emotions, the intensity surrounding birth are so powerful that these memories remain strong and clear as others fade away.

16 years ago today my son was born and his birth was not as I had planned it. I suffered complications afterwards resulting in the need to have surgery, complications that I now know could  probably have been avoided had things gone differently during my birth experience. At the time I was happy that he was okay and healthy and we got through it all in the end, the busyness of getting to know him and life with a baby meant I never really thought about it much. Many years later when undergoing my prenatal yoga teacher training I realised just how much grief I had over how it all happened. I can see with hindsight what went wrong, I thought I was prepared but due to a combination of factors – my lack of empowerment, the inconvenient fact that he was born during a shift change at the hospital and my much faster than expected labour my carefully prepared birth plan remained packed and unread in my overnight bag while events unfolded as they did.

Now when I teach my pregnancy yoga classes I encourage my students to become empowered during their pregnancy, to ensure they have in place the support and knowledge required for a positive birth experience. Happily things have changed greatly over the last 16 years but we still have a long way to go in order to provide women with the optimum opportunity to give birth with less intervention and more confidence. So that when they look back on their children’s birthdays they can do so with pride and joy free of any grief or sorrow.

16 years ago today my life changed forever. Not only was my son born, 16 years ago today I was reborn – as a mother. I look back on that day with such happiness, remembering all of the moments that led to his birth, my holding him in my arms, feeding him at my breast, loving him with all of my heart right from the very beginning…it was a wonderful day.

Love and light,



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