Aching thighs…

Our renovations are progressing which is great but the latest stage has been a scary one. We have removed the remaining tiles from our roof in preparation for building the second storey. This means we are now completely dependant on tarps to keep us dry in the wet weather which they do well. The problem with them is they also blow around lots in the wind which is noisy and stressful.

Taking the tiles off was a big job. It only took us a few hours, up on the roof removing the tiles then carrying them to the edge and throwing them down into a skip to take them away. At the time I felt like I was working hard but it wasn’t until the next day that I realised just how hard I had worked. My thighs were aching and very painful when I woke up in the morning and though they did loosen up over the day they were almost as sore again the following morning when I awoke.

Luckily they are now just a little sore thanks to lots of movement, walking, yoga, playing tennis and keeping them moving and active. Often when we have an ache or pain the temptation to just sit still and rest is great. While this is sometimes appropriate often moving around is the best thing to do to encourage a fast recovery. The trick is in finding a balanced way of moving so no further harm is done but the muscles can gradually regain their full movement and recover.

So until the next big job my muscles will be resting sometimes, moving others and looking after themselves while I am listening to them and giving them just the right amount of TLC and challenges.

Love and light.



A practice for you…

This blog has been going for over a year now and as everything does it has evolved and changed over that time. My intention in beginning to blog my yoga journey was to share knowledge, practices and inspiration with my students and subscribers. Of late there has been so much change happening in my teaching that it seems to have almost taken over Yoga Tinted Glasses, sharing my new classes and venues and the exciting new happenings has been wonderful but for todays post I thought it was time to get back to basics and share a yoga practice with you.

So where to begin? Asana, pranayama, meditation, relaxation, philosophy? Yoga offers so much it is difficult to choose.

Looking out my window I can see blue sky and sunshine after a crisp cold morning.

So I will take my inspiration from the sun and share sun wheel breathing, a practice which combines movement, breath and meditation so gives a little bit of everything. During this practice it is helpful to think of letting go as you breathe out and push the hands away and taking in as you inhale and draw them into your heartspace again. You can make it relevant to your life by releasing anything you feel it’s time to let go of and bringing in whatever you need most right now.


Begin standing comfortably with your feet hip distance apart and your hands in your heart space.

Inhale fully and as you exhale let your hands move down in front of your body towards the floor, palms away.

Inhale and turn the palms in and bring the hands back to your heartspace.

Repeat the exhalation but this time let the hands move out to the sides a little more on the out breth, returning to the heartspace on the inhalation.

Each exhalation move the hands a little further out so you are making a circle like the sun, moving out level with the shoulders then eventually up above your head. Then return with the same breathing making your way back down through the circle.

When your hands come back to the heart after moving through the whole circle close your eyes and rest them there for a few breaths to seal your practice.

This practice is lovely anytime of day, very energising and cleansing.

It is inspired by a practice from Yoga for Pregnancy by Doriel Hill and Francoise Barbira Freedman and has evolved a little over the years as I have taught and practiced it.

Hope you enjoy the sunshine and this practice.

Love and light,



Love the way you move…

I am excited to be teaching in a new space in June, Dance habit in West Footscray.


New yoga classes starting in June

New yoga classes starting in June


We’ll be starting with Monday morning classes 9:30-10:30am. At these classes you can start your week in a wonderful yogic way. Let go of the weekend and any busyness it contained, take some time for yourself and energise for the week ahead. As a busy mum who found yoga at a morning class very similar to this one over ten tears ago and from there went on to train as a teacher I loved it so much I am looking forward to teaching these classes. 

Also coming to Dance habit  in June are preschool kids classes, Wednesday afternoons, 2-2:40pm. 3-6year olds can come along and have fun, move, sing, laugh and rest in these classes. Kids are some of my most enthusiastic and inspiring students.

“Love the way you move” is the tag line from Dance habit and I have borrowed it to title my post as I just love it. I love the philosophy of joy in movement rather than striving for some unachievable perfection. It aligns very well with my personal and teaching philosophy, the journey is everything. Letting go of the need to reach any destination and experiencing and enjoying what you have right here and now, loving yourself, the way you look, the way you move, the way you feel and accepting all of the above rather than judging them has for me been the path to happiness. I share this with my existing yoga students and am looking forward to sharing it with my new students at Dance Habit

Love and light,




Last night was my last SunYoga class followed by a farewell dinner with the wonderful Claire who has been such a pleasure to work with over the past five years as well as some of our lovely students.

In some ways I still don’t quite believe that it’s all over, funny how things like this seem to sink in slowly or hit you all at once or something in between. When I arrived last night to teach I shed some tears as Claire had left me a few bits and pieces of SunYoga as a parting gift. These treasures will take pride of place in my own yoga room once the renovations are finished and always remind me of the many classes I taught, the special people I met, the good times we all had at SunYoga studio.

My new classes start this Thursday at Pennell Hall and my mums and bubs and prenatal classes start at Soulshine Studio the following week. As things move on I will find a new routine, still see some of my regular students and meet new ones. Wherever my yoga road takes me I will always look back on SunYoga and the wonderful people I worked with and taught there with a smile and a glow in my heart.

Life is a series of beginnings and endings.

Love and light,



New Prenatal Yoga Classes

It is with great excitement that I announce the details of my new prenatal classes starting on Sunday May 26th at Soulshine Studio in Yarraville.

Soulshine Prenatal

Prenatal yoga has long been a passion of mine. Through my own experience and the many stories I’ve heard over the years from my prenatal students I know just how much yoga can improve health and wellbeing during pregnancy, labour and beyond. In specialised prenatal classes we are able to work specifically towards preparing for giving birth and being a parent as well as connecting with our changing bodies and growing babies throughout the miraculous process that is pregnancy.

Also coming soon to Soulshine Studio are Mums & Bubs classes where we continue to meet the challenges, experience the joys and stop to connect to the mothering journey. These classes include baby massage and yoga to relieve common ailments such as colic, reflux and settling problems as well as targeted yoga practices for parents to release tension, cope with fatigue and enjoy those challenging early months of parenting. 

If you or someone you know are interested in either prenatal or mums & bubs classes please see the Soulshine Studio website for more information or to book in. This would make a great gift as well – imagine giving someone special the opportunity to have a smoother, more aware and empowered pregnancy and birth! What better gift could you give?

Love and light,



Letting go…

Last night I taught my final Yoga for the Mind class at SunYoga.

This class has been one of my favorites, I personally love the meditation and relaxation practices yoga offers and feel in this day and age so many of us can benefit from them. Life is busy and being able to stop and take time out to tune in, rest and restore can make so much difference to our overall wellbeing.

I began teaching Yoga for the Mind in 2011 to a few dedicated students, they kept coming back every week but the numbers didn’t increase and after 3 months or so it was looking like we’d have to let it go as it wasn’t viable. I was very disappointed but knew that the bills had to be paid so prepared to let it go.

As soon as that decision was made a new student turned up, then another and another. Another discussion with Claire and we agreed to keep it going and see what happened. Since then there have been busy times and quiet times but never again have we had to consider cutting the class. Those original students have continued to come and a few more regulars have joined them while others have come and gone along the way. I have had lots of wonderful feedback from my students as they drift down the stairs in a relaxed daze.

The good news is that this class is continuing at a new time and location, Thursday nights, 7:45-8:45pm at Pennell Hall, Burke St Braybrook starting on May 16th.

 Even though it will continue I felt a pang of clinging to SunYoga studio, the birthplace of this class. Ultimatley however, we need to let go and there is a lovely but simple breath practice which helps us to do just that. Autumn leaves


Before you do any breath practice make sure you are comfortable, warm and preferably unlikely to be disturbed. Always keep the breath within a comfortable range, not forcing but gently guiding the breath.

Close your eyes and become aware of your breath coming and going.

Begin to focus on the exhalation, the letting go part of your breath.

Gradually extend the exhalation over a few rounds of breath until it is about twice as long as the inhalation.

Continue to breathe in this way for 2-5 minutes, longer if you like.

When you feel ready release the practice but remain sitting and observing the flow of breath for a minute or two longer.

Open your eyes and go on with your day.

This practice helps our body to slow down so is lovely before bed. You can personalise it in many ways, for example if you suffer from anxiety you can think of letting go of those anxious thoughts or if you are nervous before a job interview you can let go of the nerves. If you find yourself holding a lot of physical tension you can think of letting that melt away with each exhalation. The possibilities are endless…

So Farewell Yoga for the Mind at SunYoga and Welcome Meditation and Relaxation at Pennell Hall. Every ending brings a new beginning…When you let go of something with complete surrender it can be a beautiful thing as seen in the lovely colours of the Autumn leaves in the picture above.

Love and light,