A home practice…

Most of my classes have now finished for the year, I have just one more to teach next Tuesday then I’ll be officially on holidays. I know it is a challenge to continue a regular practice when you don’t have a teachers guidance but I encourage all of my students to try to do just that. Especially if you find yourself missing your regular class. The hardest part of that is knowing what to do, with no one to guide them many people find themselves at a loss as to what to practice and how to begin.

One solution to this is to find a yoga DVD that works for you, remembering that unlike your teacher the instructor on the DVD doesn’t know you or your body so you need to be mindful of what feels good and not push or force. There are some great DVD’s out there but also some which are unclear or unsafe so make sure the one you find feels right for you. A good way to try a few is to see what your local library has available, if they don’t have any they will usually purchase some if you put in a request.

Another more personalized way of building your home practice is to have a private lesson or two with your regular teacher. They can then work with you to develop a specially tailored practice to your own needs and abilities which can evolve over time as these change. If you have any health concerns or injuries or places you would particularly like to strengthen or release this can all be incorporated in your home practice.

The final recommendation I have for practicing at home is just to roll out your yoga mat, get on and do whatever feels good. Don’t over analyze or plan your practice – just get stuck into it and see what happens. You might just lie in savasana for a while, or focus on your breath, or do some sun salutations. The beauty of a home practice is that it is yours and yours alone so it can be whatever you feel like doing on the day.

Another option which I usually practice for at least a week or two over my break is to do no formal yoga practice at all. I find this allows me to return to my practice with new curiosity, enthusiasm and appreciation of what yoga does for me as I am sure to have missed it during the break.

Whatever option you chose during your teachers yoga break enjoy it!

Love and light,



Ramping up and winding down…

Life seems to be a series of comings and goings, busy times and quiet times, ups and downs, challenges and cruises.

This seems to happen in all areas of life for me, our renovations, family, my yoga teaching and the general ongoing day to day stuff.

As I prepare to wind down my teaching for the year with my children’s school holidays fast approaching both of which are for me opportunities to rest and slow down at the same time our renovations are rolling along rapidly and Christmas is coming with all of the wonderful busyness and family time it brings. I find myself, as usual, putting on my yoga tinted glasses to both embrace and make the most of the restful times and travel through the busy stages with the minimum stress and maximum enjoyment.

I like to think of a pendulum at times like this, it swings from one extreme to the other but always travels through the center on its path. In much the same way I try to connect with my center and the stability and calm that I nurture there as I swing through the extremes in life. If I am overwhelmed by the busyness I just close my eyes and feel my center. If I find myself caught up in stress or emotions, I just close my eyes and find my center. If my three kids are bored and fighting on the holidays I just close my eyes and find my center. By maintaining this constant connection to center I am able to weather the storms and cruise through the peaceful times without becoming too attached to those temporary disturbances, knowing that as far as the pendulum swings to one side or the other it will always return to the center in between. Of course yoga also gives us the tools to stop the pendulum for a while and just rest in the center, letting go of the constant motion and finding stillness, a regular yoga practice is priceless for this reason. I encourage all of my students to take the time out during my break between classes to just roll out your yoga mat or close your eyes and give yourself that opportunity.

Part of my personal recent busyness which I have been swinging through has been confirming the details of my new 2014 teaching venue. Classes as Pennell Hall will conclude this Thursday, next Thursday 12th December we are having an end of year dinner at Bo de Trai, 94 Hopkins St Footscray at 6:30pm. All Yoga to Grow students are welcome, even if you haven’t been to class for a while. If you’d like to come along just let me know belinda@yogatogrow.com.au.

Next year classes will resume at Dance Habit, 16B 77-79 Ashley St, Braybrook. Times will alter slightly to fit in with the studios schedule. Yoga will run from 7-8pm and Mediation & Relaxation will run from 8:10-9pm. Prices will remain the same $16 for casual attendance at either class, $25 casual mini retreat – both classes. Term fees for 10 class blocks will be $140 for 1 class per week or $200 for weekly mini retreats. Class details can always be found on the Yoga Classes page if you forget over the holiday break..

Happy swinging.

Love and light,