Stay Cool

We have had some pretty warm weather in Melbourne which makes it challenging to do anything, yoga, housework, renovations. They all become a bit of a struggle.

As always however, yoga offers some relief in the form of some cooling breath practices. These are great for anytime you’re feeling overheated, due to the weather, activity, stress, hormones or for any other reason.

There are two cooling yoga breaths and they both work the same way, by cooling the air with the moisture in your mouth as you inhale. The cooler air then cools your blood and whole body.

Unlike most pranayama practices we use our mouths for the cooling breaths, the first one is called Sitali and it is done by curling your tongue and inhaling through the curled tongue, as you exhale through your nose allow the mouth to close to moisten again before your next in breath.

If you are one of the one third of people who cannot curl your tongue don’t despair – the alternate pranayama practice of Sitkali has very similar effects, this one is done by drawing your lips back while keeping your teeth together (without clenching!) and inhaling through the gaps in your teeth, exhale as for Sitali.

You can practice up to nine breaths with either of these practices, stopping at any time if you experience discomfort or it doesn’t feel right. It can create a brain freeze sensation similar to that experienced when you eat something very cold. These breaths really help to cool and calm the body and mind so give them a try next time you feel a little warmer than you’d like.

Stay cool.

Love and light,



Family Yoga

I am very excited to be offering Family Yoga classes at Williamstown Yoga and Meditation, I love sharing the joys of yoga with my own children and am looking forward to teaching parents and children together.

Family life is so important but often so very busy, rushing from place to place, dropping children off here and there to their activities, getting them to school, home from school, parents working both in and out of the home. All of these factors make it difficult to just spend time together doing something you both enjoy. That is what these classes will offer.

I know there will be challenges and distractions but that is what happens in life and we will work with the kids and parents to celebrate being together and all of the fun and health benefits yoga offers. Staying lighthearted and not being afraid to have a laugh and some fun are what life and my style of yoga is all about.

Classes will be run in a six week block with longer Sunday workshops also being planned. For details please go to my Yoga Classes page and for bookings or enquiries please contact me at

Hope you and your family are enjoying this last few days of school holidays and hope to see you in class soon.

Love and light,




Feel the heat

Well, here we are baking at 10:30 in the evening, it is still 36 degrees in the room and I have just had a shower but am already hot and uncomfortable again. Melbourne is in day 3 of a heat wave with tomorrow predicted to be just as hot as today. What can you do with weather like this? It feels too hot to do anything at all.

The best thing I find is to be kind to yourself, cancel appointments, seek comfort where you can, stay cool in whatever way is possible and wait it out. If you have cooling at home, stay home. If not, go out to somewhere that does have cooling – the cinemas are always good for a couple of hours, the museum, shopping centers, anywhere you can spend some time and escape the heat.

My kids have hosed each other down for both of the previous nights, another great way to cool off in the evening.

Whatever works for you look after yourself and cool down soon.

Love and light,



Happy New Year!

Hello and happy new year to all of my readers,

I hope you are enjoying a quieter pace during this time of year, I know for some it is busy while for others (myself included) it is more restful. Either way the New Year is a wonderful opportunity to pause and take stock of what you have experienced or achieved in the previous year and where you might be headed in the new one. I am not a huge fan of New Years Resolutions as they can leave me feeling like I’ve failed if I don’t achieve them as I tend to set myself unrealistic goals so now I use the New Year instead to think about what I’d like to achieve and work towards it with an openness to what else may happen. This fits in really well with yogic philosophy which I will be exploring in depth at my next retreat (details below).

I have found balance in my new year – it has been a busy, wonderful, productive, restful, family and fun filled Christmas and New Year and am now gearing up with new energy and enthusiasm for 2014 teaching.

So details of my 2014 classes are as follows:

Yoga 7-8pm

Meditation and relaxation 8:10-9pm

Both classes will be held at our lovely new venue, Dance Habit,  16B 77-79 Ashley St, Braybrook.

Also coming up is my February yoga retreat – Digging Deeper, Introducing Yogic Philosophy from the 21st – 23rd of February, for bookings or further information please go to or ask me after class.

Please feel free to contact me on 0414 702 854 or at with any enquiries.

Love and light,