Final preparations…

I just taught my final class before heading off on my break. Now I can truly enter holiday mode and complete the last minute packing and organising before we leave tomorrow.

I have a list which I keep adding to as I think of things I need to do before we leave, that is my way of trying to make sure I don’t forget anything. There is a lot to organize when the whole family go away, kids all packed, house ready for my wonderful mum who is looking after it and our menagerie of pets, auto reply on my email and new message on my phone as while I am away I won’t have access to either and so on and so on. My husband joked this morning that I am spending more time writing the list than completing the tasks on it!

One of the items on the list was this post so here it is, there are lots more things to do so it won’t be a long one but I hope while I am away you have time to do a little yoga, if not in a class then at home, look after yourself and stay warm.

My next post will be in two weeks time, until then love and light,





We are going away on a family holiday next week, it has been a long few years with our renovations and we are all looking forward to a break from the work involved, to taking it easy and relaxing for a week or so.

Picture of a creek running through beautiful rainforest

There is a funny thing that happens for me with time when events such as this occur. At first, when I am planning them, they seem so far away in the future that it is hard to get excited about them. Then the time passes and suddenly they are next month, or next week or tomorrow and the anticipation becomes very real. I start to think “This time next week I’ll be on a plane, or on our holiday, or doing this or that.” Then I panic (briefly!) because there are all these things to do beforehand that I thought I had plenty of time for but now need to be done, well, NOW! Even organizing the packing and the house and pet sitting and the what to bring lists and the finishing up this or that before we go so I don’t come home to half finished chores has it’s own sense of excitement for me.

Yoga helps me to live in the present moment, to be here now, and that is very helpful when I am looking forward to something and gives me a great sense of pleasure and satisfaction as I go about the work that needs to be done beforehand. While my daughter jumped up and down the other day and said she just couldn’t wait I found myself enjoying the waiting, the anticipation and the preparation. I know the time will pass, I know I have to wait, I know the holiday will soon be over and I will come back to my new class at Williamstown Yoga and Meditation and my regular classes in Braybrook. Knowing all of this I practice present moment awareness, enjoying the preparation and anticipation as I will enjoy each moment of the holiday itself, as I will enjoy returning, rested and motivated for what comes next.

Love and light,




Yoga for the Mind coming soon to Williamstown Yoga and Meditation

While undergoing my yoga teacher training I was pleasantly surprised by the broad range of practices I was taught all under the title of yoga. Up until then my yoga classes had been a mostly physical practice with relaxation at the end. As I went through my training and expanded my own personal yoga practice to include philosophy, meditation, pranayama, yoga nidra and chanting the benefits of these practices became very clear to me.

While my body did indeed become stronger, more flexible and healthier during my training much bigger changes took place in my mind and heart. It was a journey of deep searching, healing and connecting to my inner self who had for most of my life been hiding, ignored or simply not even in my awareness.

Once I was qualified and had some teaching experience I found myself wanting to share these powerful practices with my students. There were some nerves about doing this, what if they found it all a bit “out there”? What if it wasn’t what they needed or wanted in their practice? I believed in the practices however and wanted to share the benefits they had given me so Yoga for the Mind was born.

From the very beginning in 2010 this class had a couple of dedicated students who still attend it as Meditation and Relaxation today. Over time it attracted more students and now has a wonderful and very committed group.

One of the teachers who inspired me greatly during my training and introduced me to many of the meditation and relaxation practices that I found so powerful was Fiona Hyde, principal teacher at Williamstown Yoga and Meditation. Since my training we have remained friends and often discussed the possibility of me teaching at Williamstown Yoga and Meditation but the timing has never been right for one reason or another. It is with great excitement and joy that I announce that the stars have finally aligned and Yoga for the Mind is coming soon to Williamstown Yoga and Meditation!

Classes will begin on Wednesday August 6th,  6-7:15pm, $22 casual or $190 for a ten class pass. To book your place please contact me or 0414 702 854.

Please feel free to share this post with anyone you feel might be interested. Hope to see you there!

Love and light,



Winter chills, yoga remedies

Winter is well and truly here in Melbourne, the icy winds seem to lower the temperature even more as they howl through the streets.

While it is tempting to stay home on those cold winter evenings there are many benefits to rugging up and making the effort to get to your yoga class despite the cold.

Here are a few:

– muscles shorten during colder weather so benefit greatly from a good stretch.

– joints become stiffer and less mobile, particularly if there is scar tissue or arthritis present, a gentle yoga practice can be wonderful in maintaining mobility and easing that cold winter achiness.

-yoga warms you up! Sun salutations, flowing vinyasas, core work and snuggling under blankets all help you to feel warm and cosy.

– pranayama (breath) practices are very effective in warming the whole body, most pranayams are warming breaths and the few exceptions are unlikely to be included in a winter yoga practice.

– during winter most of us tend to be more solitary, the sangha, or yoga community is a great way to have a chat with friendly people. this can help to reduce depression caused by Seasonal Affective Disorder, commonly referred to as the winter blues.

– winter is a time to lower your activity levels and rest, savasana and a guided relaxation help to rest and restore the body, mind and heart. Like a mini hibernation in each and every yoga class.

Bare tree branches against a grey sky

We are having a Yoga to Grow Winter Warmer dinner next Friday 11th July, 7pm at Aangan in West Footscray. Past and present students are invited, please let Belinda know if you can come along 0414 702 854 or

Stay warm!

Love and light,