A New Year to Grow in

As 2015 begins it is often a time for reflection. Reflecting on the old year, its events, emotions and energy. Reflecting on the New Year, the unknown future full of possibilities.

Many people set resolutions, intentions or simply take stock of where they are and where they are headed at this time of year. It is a new beginning, an opportunity to think about what we bring into the New Year and what we leave behind. A time to change, a time to grow.

When I named my business Yoga to Grow it was with many types of growth in mind. My own experience with yoga had brought me so much growth. In the form of physical strength and flexibility increasing and way beyond that, spiritual growth, emotional evolution, mental expansion, overall a huge leap forward in my relationship with myself, those around me and the universe we live in. When I trained as a yoga teacher it was because I wanted to share these opportunities with others, so Yoga to Grow came into being.

I feel the need to point out that growth is a wonderful thing but the journey isn’t always full of laughter and light. To grow we need to open ourselves up to change, to face what we’ve been avoiding, to look deeply into our own eyes and see the sometimes uncomfortable truth that lies within.

My own yoga journey so far has involved revisiting some places in my distant past, hurts and aches which I mistakenly thought had long since gone away but in truth I’d just shoved them into a dark corner from where they continued to affect my reactions, my emotions and my life. They manifested in many ways, fear, limiting thoughts and habits, suppressing emotions rather than releasing them, a sense of helplessness in directing or controlling my life. Over time and through revisiting these events, honouring the pain that I felt in response to them and working gradually to change the habits that had formed around them I have managed to learn from these times rather than resent them. To empower myself through acknowledging what I have been through and celebrating the fact that I did get through it all, I’m here to write about it right now. The process is by no means complete, I still hear those skeletons in my closet  rattling their bones, but now that I am aware of them they have far less power over me and my life.

I wish all of my readers a New Year filled with positive growth, may your seeds be fruitful and your branches spread in all areas of your life. May 2015 bring you healing, joy and many opportunities to grow, grow, grow.

Love and light,