Packing up my Women’s Wisdom

I’m heading off to the King Parrot Valley today for my Celebrating Women’s Wisdom yoga retreat.

Planning this retreat has been a journey in itself, connecting with my own feelings about being a woman and what it means to me and reflecting on how that has changed over the course of my life so far. I am very much looking forward to sharing the wisdom I have gathered through my research and receiving some new insights from the women at the retreat.

Teaching retreats offers a wonderful opportunity to work very intensely without distractions, though I put a lot of my energy into planning and presenting my classes I do very much enjoy the process, the exploration and growth for myself personally and my students. If you have not been able to attend a retreat yet I highly recommend making the time, it takes your yoga to a whole new level.

Packing for a weekend away is an interesting insight into what you really need, over the years I have managed to narrow down my packing, reducing it to what I know I’ll need rather than a heap of “Just in case” items. I like the freedom of living sparsely, no dilemma about what to wear as there is only one outfit for each day. No unpacking half a suitcase full of unworn clothes at the end of the trip.

So as I put the final touches on my packing and prepare to head off I wish you all a wonderful weekend.

It has been a busy few months and coordination is still going on for some of my yoga classes, regular weekly-fortnightly blog posts will be resuming as of this one.  Apologies to regular readers who may have been missing me!

Love and light,




Back in the swing of things

Oh how sweet and restful was my end of year break. Reminding me of the importance of slowing down, resting and recuperating from the busyness that is always present in life. Now I am back on the swing after hopping off for a while, ready for the rise and fall, the ups and downs, the constant, ever changing yet always there, flow of life.

I very clearly remember the pleasure I felt swinging as a child and I still love to hop on a swing at playgrounds though now my kids are older I don’t get the opportunity as often. The rushing forwards, wind in your hair, rising above gravity, legs stretched and reaching for the sky. The apex of your swing, the high point which lasts for less than a second but seems like longer, gazing up at the heavens above. The return, knees bent, wind behind you now, freefalling then rising backwards to find the opposite apex where you are looking down at the earth below.

I love to swing with my eyes closed, just feeling the sensations of gravity changing as I move with, then against, then with it again. I love the earth and sky swapping their relationship to me yet always present. I like to take the idea of swinging through life, knowing that things are ever changing, there are highs and lows but neither last forever and the more energy I put into making things happen the further I will go.

I find myself now feeling energised and enthused, inspired and motivated and oh so ready to swing into the year to come.

My teaching has resumed gradually rather than all at once which feels like a wonderful way to ease myself back into it. Harvest Yoga classes including beginners, prenatal and kids classes are back in full swing, my workplace class will be beginning again shortly and my Thursday night class venue will hopefully be up and running in a brand new venue by the end of this month.

My first yoga retreat for the year, Celebrating Womens Wisdom, at Clearview is only a couple of weekends away from the 20th-22nd February and I am thoroughly enjoying putting the final touches on my planning.

The break has not been all lounging and leisure, we have made steady progress on our home renovations including the monumental, life changing, addition of our staircase (Yay, no more ladders!). I’ve also had lots of family fun hosting our extended family Christmas celebration and spending time out and about and just hanging around at home with Richard and the kids.

May your 2015 swing take you higher than ever before!

Love and light,