Prenatal Yoga in Kensington Free Trial Classes

I had a break from teaching prenatal yoga last year and am really enjoying getting back into it at Harvest Yoga this year.

Though my own children are growing up fast, as they do, I still very vividly recall the amazing, individual, roller coaster journey that was each of my pregnancies. I think it is a wonderful privilege to share that journey with my prenatal students and  consider myself very lucky to have the opportunity to help them to enjoy and feel empowered from the early weeks right through to the business end, labour and beyond.

For todays article I thought I would give a run down of some of the most popular practices we share in my prenatal yoga classes.

1. Breath – from managing fatigue in the first trimester to giving birth in the third the breath is a powerful tool. My prenatal classes always include some breathwork, sometimes more formal pranayama practices and others simple breath awareness, moving with the breath and learning how to use the breath to connect with your body and mind. The mantra here which many students have told me was extremely helpful to them during labour is “Don’t forget to breathe!”.

2. Postures – the wonderful advantage of prenatal yoga classes is that we can focus on the postures that are most helpful in managing the rapid changes that occur during pregnancy. Minimising the discomforts that sometimes occur and maximizing our connection to our changing bodies to prepare them for the journey ahead, pregnancy, birth and beyond into motherhood.

3. Pelvic floor work – everyone should strengthen their pelvic floor, men, women, pregnant or not – this muscle group has an important role in supporting all of the abdominal organs. During pregnancy keeping these muscles toned is even more important than ever as they will be stretched to allow baby to be born and they can recover much more quickly if they are strong to begin with. We work with the pelvic floor in some of our postures as well as individually in different ways, like cross training for the pelvic floor muscles!

4. Relaxation – women are busy people and during pregnancy that does not stop or slow down. Most of my prenatal students are still working or looking after children at home or busy with a myriad of other roles. When you are pregnant there is a whole heap more going on within your body to enable you to provide for your baby as well as yourself so fatigue is very common. I include a guided relaxation at the end of every prenatal class to give students the opportunity to really let go, deeply rest and restore energy for their busy lives and groming babes.

5. Connecting with baby. One of my prenatal students once told me that it was easy for her to forget she was pregnant as she was so busy with work and other commitments. What she valued most about her yoga classes was the opportunity to spend time connecting with this little miracle growing within her. To pause all of the other “stuff” going on and set this time aside just for the two of you to get to know eachother, to feel your connection and honour the journey you are on together is important and wonderful. Every class offers this opportunity.

My prenatal classes run at Harvest Yoga in Kensington at 6pm Wednesday evenings. Students are welcome to arrive from 5:45pm onwards to discuss any concerns,  ask any questions or just relax for a while before the class begins. We are offering a free trial class to a limited number of new students on 18/03/15 and 25/03/15, for more information or to book in please email Bookings are essential and places are strictly limited so book now to avoid disappointment.

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New day, new opportunities

Sun rising over mountains

Clearview Sunrise February 15

Lately I have been feeling rather busy. Busy in a good way that is, not overwhelmed but rather an active and productive type of busyness. I put this down to a few things one being the yoga retreat I taught a couple of weeks ago which always involves a lot of planning and preparation in the lead up and a long period of teaching classes without a break due to the full time teaching at the retreat falling on my usual days off. Another is a sudden increase in bookings for infant massage appointments which fit in around my existing beginners, prenatal and kids yoga classes. Then there is always our ongoing home renovations and slow but steady progress towards the completion of the stage we are working on.

I find the secret to managing busyness so I feel productive rather than overwhelmed is to break everything down, think about today and what I need to do today and just start at the beginning. I know there is no chance of my completing every task on my mental to-do list so I begin with the must -do items and work through them in order of priority. Tomorrow will be another new day with another chance to get the rest of the things done.

Today I have completed several of my tasks and writing this post is next on my list, to share where I am and to show you these lovely photos from my recent Clearview retreat.

Curious Kangaroos

The Kangaroo sillouettes are my favorite. When I teach at Clearview I always go for a morning walk to take in the sunrise and hopefully see some wildlife. Kangaroos never disappoint as there are always at least a few around at tha time of the day. I got the feeling these two were as curious about me as I was about them.

Love and light,