Guilt free confessions

I have been meaning to write a new post for weeks, even months!, but have somehow not managed to do so. I have even got as far as sitting down and logging on once or only to be interrupted by one thing or another and not managed to get back to it.

If anyone has been really missing my posts, please accept my apologies however also take some inspiration from the fact that we all get caught up like this. Whether it is your weekly yoga class, time set aside for a task or pleasure, one of those lingering jobs which you know need to be done but they are not quite high enough priority to get to the top of your list.

Setting aside a time each week to get to these things can make all the difference but, as we discussed on the retreat I led over the past weekend, there is some freedom to be gained from not tying yourself down to a schedule – being more open to living in the moment and dealing with whatever is arising then and there. Of course we all need to be in certain places at certain times and there are things that need to be done daily, weekly, monthly. Having some kind of system in place that works for you and allows all of that to happen is a necessity – for me it is a two calendar system – one old fashioned one that hangs on the wall and contains all of the families appointments and activities. Then there is my phone calendar which I enter all of the same info onto but which travels with me everywhere I go so I can refer to it. Beyond that my time tends to be spent doing what needs to be done as it comes up, there are days and times that are more productive and days and times that are set aside for rest and yoga practice but there is a lot of flexibility to shuffle these things around. Obviously my blog posts have dropped out of the system in the new year but not that I am here tapping away at my keyboard they are coming back!

It is hard not to feel guilty when this does happen but after much practice I have mastered the art of accepting that I do what I can and I can’t do more than that. Guilt free, though I do need to remind myself sometimes!

We had a wonderful time at Clearview Retreat, a beautiful group of students, beautiful bushland surroundings and a great topic rather relevant to this post – Slowing Down – Tuning In. It is always a pleasure to be there and share the joys of yoga in such lovely surroundings. I have another retreat coming up in May titled Mother Nature – Mother Nurture, details can be found at

Can’t resist sharing a couple of photos including the cutest little echidna I came across and spent some time with during one of my walks…



Love and light,