We are creatures of habit, most of us anyway. We have ways that we tend to like things and a pretty clearly defined comfort zone which holds all of our habits in place.

This can be a great thing in regards to healthy habits like a regular yoga class or meditation practice, or a not so great thing when it comes to unhelpful habits. The tricky thing is to try to put in the habits we want in our lives and changes those that don’t really do us any favours.

One of my teachers, Leigh Blashki, once described habits to me in the following way – think of a nice new dirt road, nice clean surface, freshly graded. When the first vehicle drives down that road it leaves a set of tracks. If another vehicle follows in the same tracks they become more clearly defined, the next car to travel on the road is likely to follow in those easily defined areas and so on. Eventually ruts will form which steer the cars automatically into that path, it gets harder to drive on any other part of the road. In this way when we repeat a behaviour two or three times we are inviting it to become a habit. So the first step towards creating healthy habits is to practice them, once or twice a week. If we do this and commit to making the effort for a month or so it is likely to develop into a habit and become a permanent part of our life.

As for breaking out to those less desirable habits the first thing to do is be prepared for a bit of a bumpy ride and have realistic expectations. Knowing how easy it is for those vehicles to slip back into the well worn path and how much more effort and navigation is required to get out of them again can be very helpful. Don’t be too hard on yourself if there is the occasional setback and don’t try to break a habit during a time in your life which you know is already challenging for any reason.

I have found for myself that being able to replace a habit I want to break with a new one that I’d like to embrace is a good method. That way whenever I am tempted to go back into those unhelpful behaviours I make a bit of a bargain with myself, I will do that after I have done this, the new habit I’m bringing in. This reinforces the more positive behaviour and usually by the time I’m finished I don’t really want the other behaviour anyway!

Love and light,