Yoga is often seen as something you do alone, even in a class it is an internal practice in many ways. We close our eyes or move our bodies, exploring our own feelings, sensations, thoughts and awareness. This is all important and valid work and helps us each to become aware of and deal with whatever it is we are carrying at each particular moment in time.

There is however, definitely something to be gained from companionship, talking and sharing our joys and sorrows or even just being with another person or living creature can help us feel less alone on our journey and at peace. I was inspired to write this post by the lovely Ada, my cat, who saw me sitting down at the keyboard and leapt into my lap where she proceeded to purr loudly. It is nice just to hear her purring, feel the warmth and weight of her petite little body in my lap and experience the pleasure of her company. (With cats that is always a privilege!)

Before yoga classes commence we often have a little conversation while the students come in, sharing the events of the day and sometimes I need to chime the singing bowl to remind everyone why we are there. Then there is partner work – a wonderful way to share the joys of yoga with someone else, supporting each other, breathing together and experiencing yoga in a whole new way.

Whoever your companions are take a little time to appreciate them and what they offer you, bask in each others company and enjoy being together. Perhaps for a lifetime or a day or even just a minute.

Love and light,



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