Kids Yoga classes are back!

Yay! I am very excited to be announcing the return of my Kids Classes to a new venue… Harvest Yoga in Kensington.

Boy in frog poseKids yoga is full of opposites – noise and quiet, movement and stillness, activity and rest all with a sense of fun and exploration.

So what do you expect from a kids yoga class? Here is an example of a short practice we might do…

1. Squat down and curl up as tight as you can with your eyes closed. You are a tiny seed, deep under the earth. Think about what type of seed you’d like to be, a tree or a plant or a flower or something else, anything at all…

2. Now something magical is happening, you are beginning to grow! In very slow motion let yourself start to uncurl and begin to stand up. As slowly as you can, bit by bit…

3. As you start to grow up and away imagine your feet sending roots down into the earth beneath you, making a strong and stable base from which you can grow even taller.

4. When you reach your full height let your arms grow as well, they might be branches reaching wide or high, or petals blooming and opening or leaves uncurling and spreading. Let them be whatever shape feels right for your plant. Maybe your plant is still or maybe the wind is blowing and your plant is swaying side to side.

5. In a group now we might take turns to share what plant or tree we are, describing the colours, shapes and size of each one in turn.

If there are any children in your life try this practice with them, you’ll be inspired by what they come up with. If there are no children in your life feel free to have a go yourself, it is fun, grounding and a very fitting practice as Spring approaches here in Melbourne…

If you or someone you know would like to try out a kids yoga class there is a FREE TRYOUT class on Wednesday 24th September at 4pm, booking is essential as places are limited. To book your spot please contact Rick on 0431 163 130 or

Classes will continue on Wednesdays at 4pm for two 5 week terms, 1st-29th October and 5th November-3rd December.

Cost $75 for a five week term, $17 casual classes. Generous family discounts for siblings – first child $75, second child $50 per term or first child $17, second child $12 casual. Earlybird special $5 off for term bookings paid before or at the free trial class.

Further information on the Harvest Yoga website, to book please contact Rick on 0431 163 130 or

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  1. Aleks
    Aug 15, 2018 @ 16:12:53

    Hello, are your kids classes still running?


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