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Hi readers,

I am many things in my life so far including mother of three, wife, yoga teacher, infant massage instructor, crafty minx, writer, house keeper, renovator, vegetarian and more. These are all things I do or lifestyle choices I have made but I believe who I am cannot be summed up by these labels. I am more than the sum of these roles and I endeavor to live my life through a connection with this deeper self. A place within me where – when I pause and connect to it, I can access deep wisdom beyond the surface of my being.  Yoga has helped me to first discover and then explore this place, an ongoing process which I hope to share with you.

Hence the title of this blog “Yoga tinted glasses”, meaning I try to see everything I do in life through the lenses of Yoga. Before I discovered this wonderful way of dealing with the world I often found myself struggling with life’s challenges and just getting by. The more I have learned and delved into yoga’s teaching and wisdom the easier it has become to step back from the struggle and find joy in my life.

The most exciting thing for me is that my time with yoga is relatively short and I am aware of only just tapping into the surface of its teachings. Still so much to learn and explore, I feel like a child in a toy shop who doesn’t know what to play with first and there is so much I want to do, to practice and to embrace. I would like to share my journey via this blog with whoever would like to come along for the ride.

My yoga classes are evolving along with me, inspired by my continuing exploration and discovery of all yoga has to offer.  The common denominator in all of my classes is self awareness and respect for where you are. I encourage my students to feel their way into any practice, working at whatever level feels right on the day always with permission to back off or withdraw if anything doesn’t feel right. I truly believe we can all benefit from this awareness of our own abilities and limitations and take it in to our lives off the yoga mat.

Like any path there has been and will be parts where everything is cruising along and others which seem to be dead ends or rough terrain. I will endeavor to share them all with you so we may learn together on this wonderful, windy yoga road.

Love and light,



Belinda is a Level 2 Yoga Australia teacher with a Diploma in Yoga Teaching and additional qualifications in Childrens yoga, Prenatal yoga, Infant Massage instruction and Thai Yoga Massage. She currently teaches a variety of yoga classes including Open Yoga, Beginners courses, Prenatal Yoga, Kids Yoga, Mums & Bubs, Workplace classes as well as offering Private Yoga and Infant Massage Lessons. Weekly yoga classes run  in Braybrook and Kensington while workplace classes or private lessons are available in the Western Suburbs of Melbourne, including Sunshine, West Footscray, Footscray, Braybrook, Yarraville, Ascot Vale, Kensington, Albion, St Albans and Deer Park.

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  1. Cheryle
    Oct 02, 2014 @ 16:27:42

    Hi Belinda

    I will not be at Yoga tonight due to illness (suspected pneumonia) and I am awaiting tests results due tomorrow!


    • Belinda
      Oct 02, 2014 @ 16:35:55

      Thanks for letting me know Cheryle, Hope you get the all clear and feel better soon. We’ll all send some healing yoga vibes your way.


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